Happy to Meet You!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Becky. I’m a mom, a wife, and a writer (Faith Words recently published my first book, a grief/growing-up memoir titled BROKEN for GOOD).

I’m also a recreational baker (I make 9-hour fondant cakes for fun), defender of good coffee, INFJ, and former healthcare PR pro.

Writers are book-lovers, by design, and I’ve got a soft spot for big playful thinkers like C.S. Lewis, Neil Postman, and G.K. Chesterton. I also adore (and quite possibly over-promote) the oeuvre of the late, great Oswald Chambers. Utmost is gutsy, artful, WISE--and easily the best book on practical faith I’ve ever read. I keep pressing it into people’s palms.




I Tend to write about…

PURSUING PASSION, because I’m an incurable dreamer. Cinderella stories and “what-if” questions are my kind of catnip. I blog a good bit about fear, failure, dreams, possibility, and the art of appropriately ignoring what others think.

HOW MOMMYING KEEPS GROWING ME UP, because I’ve just survived toddler-rearing mode (that glorious hamster-wheel of motherhood). My 4-year-old Wonderboy keeps me moving.

FERVENT FAITH, living HOT, and staying HUNGRY, because I’m a believer in the finished (really, the It is finished) work of Jesus Christ, and his desire to wring beauty from stubborn souls (see: Jacob, Jonah, me). I believe our minds were built to wrestle the great mysteries of faith, and grace, and pain, and grief, and The Whole Entire Point.

You can find a list of my favorite articles here. Oh: and the blog's here.



I limp along Twitter at @beckyrjones, and tend a little corner of Facebook. Lately, I tend to be pretty active on Insta, too, because it's politics-free and so darn easy.

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