How can your faith be anchored by the one thing that could've destroyed it? How does that even make sense?

Acknowledging the lump in your throat and not rushing to shoo it away, BROKEN for GOOD is my best try at an answer. In its pages, I ask honestly: Can there be any good in grief? How do we come out the other side? And could our scars—if we let them—one day become our most powerful stories? Might they grow into marks of improbable courage, and passion, and hope?

My dad died when I was eighteen, not a week into my freshman year at college and still straddling that awkward line between girlhood and grownup. More than a decade later, this memoir takes stock of big questions looming—some looming, still—in this broken girl’s heart.



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Why the red chair on the cover? (Pic shot at our little lake, thanks to Danielle Ramirez Photography.)